Access Web used

Area Web of access to the information for employees

Aplicativo in surroundings Web with connectivity in real time through Internet or Intranet, of restricted access, that will allow the employees of the companies to accede to data and documents published by the service of prevention, allowing the bidirectional communication with the same. It is possible to emphasize the following functions:

  • Complete information of the medical examinations.
  • Informative cards of its job.
  • Certificates of formation.
  • Medical and formative citations.
  • Alert, reminders, notifications, etc.
  • Control of state of the worker. Summary of technical, medical and formative situation:
    • Data of connection
    • Present risks, formative and informative EPIs required, required actions.
    • Present medical aptitude.
    • Historical of formative and informative actions
    • Historical of general, incident accidents and accidents of biological hazard
    • Historical of temporary incapacities, professional diseases and other damages
    • Historical of delivery personal work party and protective equipment
    • Historical of recognitions and medical aptitudes
    • Historical of welfare medical consultations
    • Historical and vaccination control
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