Monitoring of the health

Planning, citation, recognitions and information of pursuit

It understands the complete management of the occupational medicine of the companies for the perfect control and monitoring of the health of the workers, facilitating the decision making from the statistic analyses of the results of the recognitions.

  • Annual program of activities to the company.
  • Planning of the Monitoring of the Health to the company:
    • Indication of types and regularity of the recognitions.
    • Detection of the risks of the workers (Integration with ER).
    • Combination and automatic allocation of specific medical protocols.
    • Automatic allocation of general and complementary explorations.
    • Personalisation to the worker of explorations and combined protocol.
    • Impression of planning information.
  • Management of requests:
    • Campaign and selection of candidates to supply the recognition.
    • Communicative mailing to the candidates.
    • Management of confirmantes candidates, prioritization and discardings.
    • Citation assigning place, medical center, medical equipment, date and hour.
    • Communicative mailing to the mentioned ones with the data of its appointment.
    • Planning of the recognition of the mentioned ones.
    • Listings and statistical information of received requests and citations.
  • Citation management. Agenda by medical equipment:
    • Global control of citations or by medical equipment. Visualization of hollows.
    • Citation of companies/workers by hour strips.
    • Control hour of beginning and aim of stay in consultation of each worker.
    • Control exit and time of arrival the medical center of each worker.
    • Statistical of average times in delay, consultation and medical center.
  • Medical examinations:
    • Pursuit and control of the clinical-labor file of the workers.
    • Explorations. Application of specific protocols.
    • Analytical tests. Possibility of enclosing the file.
    • Possibility of enclosing archives to the recognition.
    • Impression of complete or summarized Information.
    • Collective or individual certificate emission of aptitude.
    • Pursuit and control of the nonapt workers.
  • Pursuit and control of the planning and pending recognitions.
  • Courses of formation and certificate emission. Calendar.
  • Annual memory of activities.
  • Customized impression in Word of all the documents.
  • Impression in Excel of statistical studies pathological epidemiologists and.
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