Helpful SEO Tips and Tricks

For every web page the priority is to have a higher rank in search engines. To acquire a rank for a money-spinning keyword in a search engine demands energy, effort and time. You can get a top five result in a search engine either by investing your time or by paying other people to execute. There will be products by the dozens fighting it out for the position of the best SEO software, but only that special few have a full-proof SEO strategy. If you’re a beginner, it is advised that you flip through the checklist for the small business SEO in order to get an idea of what is SEO.

We have for you here SEO tips that you should or should not follow on your web page in order to have them rank high in a search engine. For your convenience we’ve broken down the list of SEO tips into high/medium/low priority.

High Priority SEO Tips

  • Write superior content
  • Content should be unique
  • Keep revising content on a regular basis
  • You should create grand keyword phrases for every page
  • Choose a keyword that’s popular yet not too competitive
  • Write for an accessible site
  • The keyword phrase should be used in the title tags
  • Obtain a domain amid the keyword phrase
  • Your URL should have your keyword phrase
  • Try and use 1-3% keyword phrase density
  • The headline tags should feature the keyword phraseSEO Tips
  • Place the keyword phrase in link text
  • Try to place keyword phrase in inbound links
  • Try and link with some reputable sites
  • Try for inbound links with sites that are similar to yours
  • Try and link with .gov and .edu sites

Medium Priority SEO Tips

  • Generate content as frequently as you can
  • Stick to one basic theme on your site. Content should ideally revolve around it
  • Keep updating so your site lives longer
  • Craft out a sitemap
  • Build either a Google sitemap or an XML sitemap
  • Utilize 301 redirects designed for permanent redirects
  • Utilize 302 redirects designed for only ugly or long URLs
  • Keep trying for greater number of inbound links
  • Place the keyword phrase ideally and for sure within the opening paragraph
  • Situate the keyword phrase at the apex of the html
  • Every alternative text should have the keyword phrase
  • Augment the font size for the keyword phrase
  • Design the keyword phrases so it stands out
  • Set up links to facilitate flow inside the text
  • Obtain links in Yahoo! And DMOZ
  • Link the chief images
  • If you have to use frames, for all time make use of the no frames tag
  • If you have got to use flash, for all time incorporate alternative text
  • Use flash only for the non-critical pieces on a page

Low Priority SEO Tips

  • Maintain your pages close to root directory
  • Utilize Meta keyword tags and incorporate the keyword phrase
  • Bring into play the keyword phrase inside the Meta description
  • Optimize for a small number of secondary keywords
  • Make use of synonyms for the keywords
  • Do not write the content using JavaScript
  • Do not skip the alt text especially for images that are within the text
  • Try and not optimize more than 2-3 phrases and keywords
  • Do not go heavy on keyword phrase stuffing
  • Try and not have greater than 10 words in the URL
  • Try and not use dynamic URLs
  • Do not depend on Ad Sense or Ad Words for boosting your rankings


There will be some SEO tips that will work for you and some SEO tips that won’t. What you should do is share your SEO tips and techniques to educate people.

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