What is the Best SEO Software To Use In 2011?


There are basically 4 key steps to getting good volumes of targeted traffic to your website and growing your online business. What we do on this site is review the best SEO software for each of these steps, then further down you can find more basics for beginners, and the features to look out for when investing in SEO software. So let’s get to it:

SECockpit Keyword Research1) Niche Keyword Research - this is the first step you need to do right; before you register your domain, before you create and content and before you start building backlinks. You need to know what keywords people are searching for in your niche, and how difficult is out to beat out the top 10 competition and get your share of organic traffic. When you are starting out in search engine optimization it can be very daunting to figure out which are the best niches and keywords to go for, evaluate the competition and then pick the right tools to overtake them. Keyword research has traditionally been the hardest part of Internet marketing due to reliability of data sources and laggy software. SECockpit is an amazing software that was not publicly available before its 5th July 2011 general release.



It blows competitors like Market Samurai (traditionally considered the best keyword research software) out of the water because it provides exact match search volumes (very important!), pulls reliable extensive data from SEMRush, and most importantly operates in the cloud instead of a local application on your desktop. So you can search hundreds of keywords in minutes, without getting your IP banned, anytime, from anywhere! Read more about this amazing software in our SECockpit Review, and how you can get your hands on it now! You can finally do your competition research in minutes and plan your campaigns knowing that once you crack the first page you will be seeing the traffic volumes predicted with this tool. It’s the biggest timesaver in this business. If there’s one place you should invest in your online business, most Internet marketing pros will tell you, this is it.

2) Content Generation - some say article marketing is dead but the truth is you need at least 600+ word articles these days to even rank in Google, and the content needs to be 60-70% unique. There are many places you can pull articles from and mash up the content, however you need a good tool to add spin syntax and the best SEO software tool in this area is clearly The Best Spinner. This software allows you to quickly create hundreds of readable unique versions of your articles to distribute across the Internet. The coolest feature of this software is the thesaurus database which grows based on feedback from its user base, and it’s constantly updated with new features.


Of course on page SEO is very important and your choice of CMS will influence your strategy. If you’re using WordPress the good news is the SEOPressor and Platinum SEO plugins help you to optimize your content in minutes, taking the guess work out and ensuring the search engines pick up on your chosen keywords and give you an edge over your competition. For more information on content optimization tips you can check out this free guide once you opt in!

Best SEO Software for Backlinks3) Backlinks - these are obviously the cornerstone of off page SEO, and everyone will debate as to what backlinks are most effective. With the search engine landscape and algorithms changing by the week, everyone wants to know what is the best SEO software out there today, right now, what’s still working after the latest Panda algorithm updates? The truth is there are many components and methods that make up an effective SEO strategy, that you need a diverse backlink profile to dominate your niche and you can’t just win the game with 1 or 2 types of backlinks. For example the best SEO software for profile backlinks is not the best for blog commenting, or web2.0 link wheel creation, and so forth, and you need a complete arsenal because there are lots of dedicated Internet marketers who are looking for the edge. Not everyone plays fair or by the rules, in fact the lines in the virtual world are very grey and Google tries to police the Internet, but they can’t stop software from continually evolving to game the algorithms and get websites ranked by hook or by crook.

The problem with most automated SEO software like SENukeX is that everyone uses the default features straight out of the box, so you have thousands of users spamming the same properties creating an obvious footprint, and before long the game is up. Google devalues the links and the webmasters tighten up the loopholes, so the software has to be updated constantly with fixes, and you start to see diminishing returns on your time and money investment. Magic Submitter is unique in solving this problem because you can add custom web properties using the designer mode, that only you know about and only you can use to automate account creation and backlinks. So you don’t leave a footprint, your backlinks stick, and you can customize your backlink strategy to suit your needs!


4) Campaign Management - once you start to build your online empire and you have more than a handful of websites, it can be very tedious and time consuming to check manually how each website is ranking, especially if you want to track dozens of keyword search engine rankings for each site. You’ll also want to check that your website has been optimized correctly, and keep an eye on your competition to duplicate their success. If you are offering these SEO services to other clients, this becomes even more crucial to your success. You need to be smart about how much time you spend on campaign management because the administration can be crippling, especially if you are doing this on top of a full time job. Luckily there are some great tools out there to assist you with this, and the best SEO software suite available is still SEO Powersuite, which you can read the full review below!

Best SEO Software for Campaign Management – SEO Powersuite

One of the keys to lasting success is tracking your results carefully, so you know what works and what doesn’t. Most beginners starting out don’t know where to find a good tool, so they will go to Google every morning and check their website’s ranking, but that’s not really efficient and you can’t review your progress over the long term. So you could argue the best SEO software is something that automates this process and lets you focus your time on building and promoting good content. In fact there are several components you should be tracking besides your rank, and you should definitely be evaluating your competitors to see why they are ranking so highly. Rather than start from scratch you can combine what they are doing to create an even more powerful SEO strategy, and to really automate this process you need the  best SEO software.

Again there are several big name contenders for your investment, but sometimes the complexity of the interface can be really offputting and stop you getting maximum benefit from day 1. So to truly claim to be the best SEO software it also needs to be intuitive and easy to use. In our opinion the “all in one” best SEO software out there is still SEO Powersuite, because it’s feature rich yet it’s very easy to pick up and you can see the benefit of your investment right away. The developers invest heavily themselves in updating constantly to remain current with the changing SEO landscape, which is a very important factor to consider as there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a poorly maintained software that becomes obsolete a few months later.


The great news is you can get a massive discount here if you order the whole suite vs individual modules, and they even offer a free trial so you can see real results before investing anything! Here’s an overview of the key modules and features that you get with SEO Powersuite:

Rank Tracker - $99.75 
SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker- The most essential package of the best SEO Software which includes the modules for keyword research and for fast search engine ranking tracking. 

- Also delivers reports to demonstrate progress to clients.



WebSite Auditor - $99.75
SEO Powersuite Website Auditor- Deals with website analysis and onpage content optimization. 

- Produces exports and optimization reports.



SEO SpyGlass - $99.75 
SEO Powersuite SEO Spyglass- Does competition research and builds linking strategies. 

- Allows quick export of data and client reporting.



Link Assistant – $99.75
SEO Powersuite Link Assistant- Works for all link management tasks from building link directories to establishing link partnerships. 

- Includes the exporting and reporting facilities.




Here are just a few features that make SEO PowerSuite stand out as the best SEO software:

=> Complete. You won’t ever need to go searching for any other tools — right now you can get your hands on the most complete set of SEO software tools that is absolutely enough to achieve and maintain top traffic–generating positions in any search engine.

=> Easy and Fast. No special preps, no knowledge, no Internet skills. SEO Powersuite personally assists and guides you in quickly doing every search engine optimization task necessary to get the #1 position in any search engine.

=> Reliable. SEO PowerSuite tools have been battle–tested by SEO experts and website owners. We’re happy to have Fortune 500 companies on the list of our users, as well as thousands of smaller businesses. All confirmed this was the SEO software that helped them get top 10 Google rankings.

=> Frequently Updated. Not a single change in search engines goes unnoticed. We keep the software up to date with Google and company and constantly add new powers to help you get top rankings within shortest time.

=> Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. SEO Powersuite is cross-platform and runs equally well for users with Win PCs, Mac OS or Linux.

Best SEO Software Basics: Features To Look For

Search engine optimization is a serious business. Every internet marketer and online business owner is doing whatever it takes to be on the top spot for their chosen niche. These groups of individuals have one goal in mind- to conquer every major search engine and to beat their respective algorithm. Though the objective is clear, it seems that no search engine optimization software is just good enough to consistently get the same results. The ever changing landscape of Google and all the other search engines has now been a challenge to SEO software developers more than ever. A majority of website owners have now turned their attention to the use of SEO software technology. Gone are the days of manual toiling over creating backlinks to increase the traffic towards a website. We are stepping into the digital age and it’s quite obvious that most SEO tasks are done more efficiently by SEO software systems.

But what exactly is SEO software? If you are a beginner in the world of search engine optimization, you might have a few questions that Wikipedia can help you with.

SEO software systems enable website owners and internet marketers to come up with the hottest and most interesting niches for SEO writers to work on. An SEO software automatically generates all the pertinent resources which are then utilized by SEO writers and website owners. Expanding the scope of ways on how to increase traffic to a website and ultimately helping a website become an authority for a particular field of interest or niche is essentially what SEO software systems do.

Here are some of the reasons why most website owners and internet marketers would rather use SEO software instead of manual efforts, as their primary instrument in building up their links and authority in their respective niches.

1) Ease of Use

An SEO software is classified into two categories namely SAAPs and software downloadable suites. The former pertains to SEO software programs which can only be utilized online. Host service providers usually provide access to a website page where internet marketers utilize web based applications and systems for search engine optimization. This type of SEO software undergoes constant updating and warrants clients to be online in order to work on campaigns. The utilization of an SAAP has its advantages and drawbacks. Most internet marketers and website owners prefer this type of software because of easy accessibility. You don’t have to always use your computer at work in order to continue working on your niche campaign. You can be anywhere around the globe and still gain access to your account via the internet. This is the ideal software for individuals who freelance and for those who are always on the go.

Best SEO Software

Moreover, SEO software applications only demand its clients to know simple instructions on how to execute a particular niche campaign.  You really don’t have to be an expert link building strategist to become successful in search engine optimization. All you need is a software which is able to generate resources for you to work on. Link building strategies just don’t fall out on trees. A certain niche may benefit from article writing, for example, while some may not. This uncertainty in what campaign should be used for a specific keyword is what makes search engine optimization a tricky game. SEO software systems however makes it a little bit easier for individuals to concentrate on certain link building strategies and optimization tasks  which can be advantageous for their chosen niche or subject of interest.

2) Increase productivity

Almost all SEO software applications claim that they have what it takes to catapult your website as an expert authority in your chosen niche. This is what SEO software suites promise to its users. SEO suites are downloadable programs which individuals install on their computer in order for them to start working on a niche campaign. SEO downloadable software comes in suites and is sold in the form of a CD-ROM (or you can download it from the internet). An SEO software pack is comprised of several CD-ROMS which represent the different SEO tools that are meant to address a specific function. Website owners may use just one of those SEO tools in a particular campaign as a strategy in building their authority in search engine results. Users can concentrate on article writing by using a suite meant to search and crawl through the worldwide web and find the best related keywords for your chosen niche so that your writers can use them in the articles. There are also SEO software suites that concentrate on finding the best link building strategies for your chosen niche. Most internet marketers use SEO software applications which are centered on creating hundreds of backlinks within days after starting a campaign. More backlinks mean more traffic, which in turn increases your ranking in search engine results. The automated feature of most SEO software downloadable suites is what makes it the ideal SEO instrument for most internet marketers and website owners.

3) Track your campaign progress and evaluate SEO strategy success

The automatic analysis feature of SEO software programs is an integral part of search engine optimization. Having full knowledge of the changes that happen day in and day out on your campaign provides you with just the right amount of information, so you, as a website owner can plan ahead and strategize for the success of your campaign. The analysis tool in most SEO software programs can also track your competitors’ strategies so you can keep up with them, and eventually defeat them on all levels. After thorough evaluation and consideration, you can mix and match your SEO strategies according to the results which are generated by the analysis feature of your SEO software program. This seems to be the most efficient way of consistently being on top of SERPS.

Though there is not one software system which can guarantee you consistent positive results, SEO software programs have undeniably made SEO tasks and functions a whole lot easier. These programs have their own distinct strengths and flaws. The success of a website then conclusively falls on the hands of website owners. SEO experts’ primary task is to go along with all the changes which transpire on a daily basis in the world of SEO and internet marketing to ensure that they don’t get lost in an unravellable web of SEO strategies and techniques.

Is Blackhat or Whitehat the best SEO Software Approach?

Once you’ve done some research into the best SEO software in each area, you’ll understand the importance of backlinks and you’ll soon come across Whitehat vs Blackhat SEO and perhaps some moral dilemmas may follow. The truth is that you probably need a combination of whitehat and blackhat best SEO software tools to succeed, but remember the same principles apply. The best SEO software needs to be intuitive, easy to use, and regularly maintained and updated to remain effective in the long term. We have a great promotion running on Magic Submitter, which we believe to be one of the best SEO software tools available in the blackhat arena to automate backlink creation on a wide range of platforms. For more information on Magic Submitter you can read this article on blackhat SEO software or click on the banner at the top of this page.

Can I Outsource The Work to Someone Who Already Has The Best SEO Software?

The good news is there are plenty of SEO services out there who will do the gruntwork for you, if you don’t want to spend hours figuring out how it all works. You need to make sure you are getting measurable consistent results for your money as lots of SEO services are more hype than substance, so it’s important to understand the basics so you know what to look for in a good SEO service company. Most SEO services don’t provide any guarantees and can leave you out of pocket without much to show for it, so transparent pricing model is important. One of the best SEO services out there comes from Rank Pay, who are very established in the industry and offer a tiered pricing model so you only pay for how well you rank.


The great thing is they don’t charge you anything until you’re in the top 30 search engine results, so this is a great option for an established company with a higher budget to rank quickly and effectively. For more information on the best SEO services sign up on the homepage!

Good luck in your quest for search engine domination, and remember to check back here for the latest information on the best SEO software!