Software of management of security and labor health

Prevengos is a program of integral management (ERP) for the prevention of labor risks, considered one of the aplicativos most complete of the market, that includes all the preventive specialties and the enterprise coordination:

  • Security at work
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Ergonomics and applied psicosociología
  • Occupational medicine
  • Coordination of enterprise activities

It includes one complete commercial, administrative, documentary and statistical management for a perfect control of the security and occupational health of multiple companies or organizations, their centers of work and workers. You can also get those perfect services from using best cheap VPS hosting that will help you a lot. It supports a lot of software that you might need because it is crucial like MySQL, PHP, etc.

The platform has in addition to a portal Web to the consultation and management the information:

  • Companies/centers: information, indicators and statistics
  • Employees: particular information and platform e-learning
  • Contracts: document interchange for the coordination
  • Watchmen: control and registry of access of subcontracted workers

The system is implanted in multiple consultants or other people's services of prevention, associations of companies with services of joint prevention, companies with own services of prevention and in diverse organizations with educative or divulging object, as much in Spain as in Latin America.

Main writing-desk of the application

Integral and modular system, the implantation can be realised with the modules that the client needs, being able at any time to extend the license with new modules after the initial implantation.

Adapted to the LOPD

Compatible with LPRL, Order TIN/2504/2010, SERPA, OHSAS 18001 and LOPD, the functional cover of software are compatible with the requirements of the effective Spanish legislation in prevention of labor risks and of the standard of the System of Management of the Security and Health at work OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety Assessment Series), in addition to with the requirements in protection of personal character data LOPD.

Opened, flexible and personalizable, the system settles with the masterful tables of printable the information and data base SQL preloaded formed by defect, being an open and flexible aplicativo that administrator allows the own user, without depending on the manufacturer of software, forming to his taste the registries of the masterful tables and to personalize with the publisher of Word the design of the printable information in aspect and content. The application can be focused multiple and different types from enterprise activities, modeling the data in accordance with the legislation of the country of destiny of the aplicativo and in the language that is desired.

Adapted to the LOPD

Integrable with systems of RRHH, functional in network and platforms of remote access: it allows integration with any system of human resources (SAP, ORACLE, META4, etc.), operativity in network and the remote access by means of terminal servers for his use through Internet, from multiple centers or delegations or for telework from the particular address.

Basic general management of the system, is the central nucleus of the aplicativo with which the rest of operative modules of integrated way is assembled. It is equipped with the functionality necessary to form the users and permissions of access, to fit the basic parameters of the operation, to personalize the printable information and to undertake basic the general management of companies or clients, centers of work and workers. It is possible to emphasize, in addition, the following functionalities:

  • Definition of companies or clients, centers of work and workers of limitless form
  • Configuration of profiles of user, accounts of user and permissions of access
  • Personalisation in Word surroundings of the groups of impression of the information
  • General agenda of activities by company or client, global user and
  • Document registry and management of external origin
  • Central document library of common use to all the users
  • Generation of letters and combined customized documents with the data base
  • Tools of generation of mailing and correspondence labels
  • Generation of listings and information of pursuit
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