Services post-sales

Support to the user

Service of telephone attention, by remote connection, e-mail or by means of the portal Web of support, in calendar and labor schedule of NEDATEC, to solve functional, concrete and precise, referring consultations to the procedure of installation of Prevengos or to the use of software by the users, to resolve incidences imputable to NEDATEC or to hasten programming errors that must correct with the correction in the own source code of the aplicativo.

Update of software

Our permanent department of I+D+I evolves and perfects technologically and functionally software, in order to continue harnessing its high benefits. Therefore, the future updates of Prevengos that appear during the use of the contract, incorporating functional adjustments, improvements or extensions in the licensed modules of the aplicativo will be provided to the CLIENT, considered by NEDATEC of general interest for their clients. The updates will provide through portal Web of support, having to be installed by an own computer science technician of the client, following the instructions that accompany to the update.

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