Evaluations In off - line

Evaluations of risk in portable equipment and turned over later

It is a complementary and independent module with the functionality necessary to undertake the accomplishment of evaluations of risks in a portable equipment, Notebook, Tablet PC or tablecloth PC disconnected of the network, that is to say, without needing having connectivity of access to the central data base. Generic evaluations of security and of hygiene or ergonomics will be able to be realised specific, following the modules acquired by the client.

The export process/import of the central servant allows:

  • To select companies to evaluate and/or evaluations to review
  • To overturn all the tables and groups necessary to realise the evaluations
  • To select the users with access permission to the data
  • To export and to generate the file of data that will be sent to the portable unit
  • To concern the file of data exported from the portable unit

The operativity in the module of evaluations in off - line allows:

  • To create and to elaborate new evaluations of risks on the exported companies
  • To modify the evaluations exported for its revision
  • To create new workers on the exported companies
  • To export and to generate the file of data that will be given back to the central servant.
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