Installation and formation


  • The technical support for the installation will be lent by remote connection, through Internet.
  • The presence of a computer science technician on the part of the client will be required, administrator of the network.
  • The kit of installation with the USB backpack and keys of the portal will be sent to the client Web of support.
  • Nedatec will provide to the technician instructions to come to unload software by Internet.
  • Support will be lent to install and to form the different servers and a station client.
  • One will instruct the technician to install the remaining stations and to form backup copies.
  • The approximate time necessary to install the servers and a station client is of 4 hours.


The formative sessions will be distributed after the installation of software, planned in mutual agreement, allowing themselves the presence of usuary infinites in the formative sessions.

The formation to users can be distributed of two possible ways, specified next.

Option 1. Audio-visual tele-training through Internet:

The formation technician settles down a remote connection with the client opening a sound session, taking the control from the PC of the client and, in the future, explaining personally the operation of software handling it and commenting the functionalities of the visualized screens. The users can observe the handling of the aplicativo and talk with the technician of formation throughout the formative session.

To remote the audio-visual connection the client must have a PC with installed Prevengos, connection to Internet ADSL or similar, navigator 5,0 MS Internet Explorer or later version, card of sound, microphone and connected external loudspeakers to the PC, perfectly formed and totally operative. The PC will have to allow the unloading and execution of ActiveX controls.

Option 2. Actual formation in the offices of the client:

The formation technician moves to the offices of the client to distribute the sessions.

The client will have to support the resulting expenses of displacement.

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