Imputation of hours

Projects, consumed activities, hours, diets and production costs

Information of control of allowances and expenses

This module allows to plan and to control, in terms of anticipated terms, consumed times and economic costs, the activity realised by the users in the companies or clients by means of the allocation and configuration of one or more projects by company, of global form or particular form by work center. Also the configuration of internal projects for the control of the activity of the users has capacity in subjects related directly to companies or clients, not creating these projects in a company of internal use.

Summary of times and amounts by project

Each project defines for a possible period of predicted execution and with a possible global economic amount or by task, assigning a main person in charge to the project and other participant people in charge in the attack of the same, establishing possible global credits of stipulated maximum times of actual work, in office, configurable displacements or other concepts. The projects can be detachhed in diverse tasks to undertake so that for each task the dates of execution anticipated, duration considered for their accomplishment can be determined and price/hour facing the client, stipulated of general form or by type of schedule.

Information of economic valuation of the projects

Incurred of the hours and the minutes spent by the executors of the diverse undertaken tasks the projects, imputable diets or other expenses allow to control the times anticipated, consumed and balances of remaining time, predicted and consumed economic costs, consumed internal cost of the technicians and, finally, the deviations on the forecast by means of the different consultations, listings and parametrizados information available.

Imputations of times spent by technician

The responsible users to undertake the tasks have a screen of fast imputation that begins and remains resident and diminished in the memory of the PC, that allows to be activated automatically, of agile and fast way, and makes possible the registry of consumptions of times in the tasks of the projects with a very small loss of time in the procedure.

The system allows to parametrizar the internal cost/hour of the users or technicians of general form or by type of schedule, categorisen types of tasks, allowances and expenses as well as models of predefined projects to obtain a greater agility in the allocation of projects to companies or clients, having a mechanism generation and very useful massive allocation of projects to the initial beginning of the system.

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