Import of workers RRHH

Integration with data bases of human resources

Module of integration of Prevengos with other data bases for the insertion and periodic update in Prevengos of center, enterprise data of work and worker coming from other applications. Integration is realised by means of a data base intermediate Access with a concrete format. The load of data in Prevengos can be programmed so that automatic is processed periodically and, or of form manual executed by the users.

Data that allow to matter of other data bases and to update periodically

  • Companies.
  • Centers of work of the companies.
  • People of contact of the companies.
  • People of contact of the work centers.
  • Workers of each center of work.
  • Dates of low discharge and of the workers.
  • Accidents of the workers.

Load of data automated. Control of errors.

The process of import and periodic update can be automated so that it is not necessary the intervention manual of the user. For it the client must form the location of the file intermediate Access in a network unit and program the execution of periodic update by means of an installable bookstore .NET in a servant of the client. In the import process a control of possible errors is applied so that if has had some incidence during the load process is generated a Word report of the errors, so that the system adiniatrators can verify it.

Load of data executed manually by the user. Control of errors.

Assistant of import of data

The system has the automated mechanism of the load of data so that the user, after selecting the data file to matter, sees in screen the evolution of the import process, being applied a control of possible errors, so that if has been some incidence during the load of data it is in screen the derived errors or incidences, being able the user to generate a report printed of the same.

Format of the data of the file intermediate Access

The format and protocol of the data for the insertion of data in the file Access are due to fit to the specifications established by Prevengos. One will provide to the client the necessary specifications and instructions to him so that they are possible to be adapted to the requirements of Prevengos.

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