Import of analytical

Pick up of results of analytical tests from files

Module that allows to concern of automatic form the files of data of clinical analyses coming from the laboratory. The process locates through national identity document of the workers the last planned recognition of each worker and inserted him of automatic form the data of analytical the corresponding one.

The system has the necessary tools of configuration to the definition of the classification, codification and denomination of the tests to criterion of the service of prevention, in addition to establishing the codes of equivalence with the different laboratories with which the service of prevention works.

Customized configuration of the data base

The system has central and common a data base to all the sanitary technicians that by defect it incorporates an initial charge of formed data, but that is totally configurable and actualizable by the own users administrators, allowing them to form the following aspects:

  • Laboratories
  • Types of analytical
  • Types of units
  • Data types
  • Groups of tests
  • Sub-groups of tests
  • Tests
  • Etc.

Load of data: previous view and control of errors

The system has the automated mechanism of the load of data so that the user, after selecting the data file to matter, sees in screen a previous view of the data that are going away to process being applied a control of possible errors in which the exactitude of the national identity document of the identified workers, the correction of the codes of tests is verified, data types and results, so that if everything is correct the user will come to the automatic loading and if he does not come to the corrections during preparation of firing data of the configuration of the parameters of the system.

Format of the data of the file of analytical

Compatible format with software Echevarne, GestLab and Alfa21. For other programs of laboratory, the format and protocol of the data for the construction of the file of analytical results on the part of the laboratory are due to fit to the specifications established by Prevengos. One will provide to the laboratories and manufacturers to him of his programs the specifications so that they are possible to be adapted to the requirements of Prevengos.

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