Preventive management

Plan of management, programming, formation and information of pursuit

Design of the plan of prevention of the company

Module that contemplates the general management of the prevention of labor risks allowing the generation of the general documents that comprise of the cycle of the prevention plan, from the annual programming of activities to the annual memory, excepting the evaluations of risks. In essence, the module allows to manage the following aspects:

  • Design and revision of the plan of prevention by company.
  • Annual programming of activities by company and/or individual by work center.
  • Control of precise or periodic activities company/center/worker.
  • Pursuit or reports of survey.
  • Courses of formation and certificate emission. Calendar of formation.
  • Questionnaires of audit and valuation of the effectiveness of the prevention of risks.
  • Annual memory of activities by company.

Control and pursuit

Management and planning of the formation

The system has forms to the conditional consultation and the impression of listings on the previous processes, to take to the perfect control and pursuit of the management.

For example, the consultations and listings of the programmed activities facilitate the control and pursuit of the state of the activities, allowing to limit global searches conditional by means of diverse filtrate parameters, as for example:

  • Company/Center of work
  • Type of activity
  • Dates of accomplishment
  • Realizadas/No realised
  • Person in charge of accomplishment
  • Etc.

Customized configuration of the data base

Programming of technical activities

The system has central, only and common a data base to all the technicians whom by defect an initial charge of formed data incorporates, but that is totally configurable and actualizable by the own users administrators, allowing them to form of form classified and categorisen the following aspects:

  • Concepts of preventive policy, objectives, resources, organs of representation, organizational structure, functions, responsibilities, models of consultation and participation, procedures, processes, etc., necessary to elaborate the prevention plans.
  • Types of predefined and responsible activities, for the annual programming.
  • Types of reports of survey.
  • Types of formation courses.
  • Etc.
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