Economic management

Budgets, contracts, invoices, collections and commissions to third parties

Oriented module to take to end the administrative management of pre-clients and effective clients of the service of other people's prevention referring to the emission of budgets, contracts, invoices, debits, management of commissions to pay and control of collections.

  • Definition of technical and medical services to supply and to contract.
  • Registry of consultant's offices or collaborator.
  • Allocation from commissions to consultant's offices, commercial and technical.
  • Definition of models of budgets and contracts.
  • Management of preclients.
  • Conversion of pre-clients in clients.
  • Management of budgets. Contract conversion.
  • Contract management.
    • Possibility of dividing contracts in diverse victories of invoicing.
    • Process automated of renovation contracts according to contract victories.
  • Invoicing.
    • Process automated massive of invoicing according to invoicing victories.
    • Automated invoicing of realised recognitions.
    • Automated invoicing of conducted formative battles.
    • Generation of precise invoices of form manual.
  • Management of collections.
  • Automated generation of domiciled receipt remittances (C19 and C58).
  • Automated generation of remittances of direct debits KNOWS (CORE and B2B).
  • Automated control of commissions to eliminate.
  • Financial information of diverse types.
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