Operation of the system

For the operation of the system its potential and amplitude are possible yet to emphasize diverse characteristics of putting in production.

Integral and to modulate:

The functionality of the system is integral but it has been structured of modular form so that the implantation can in accordance with be realised the needs of the client. (To see modules)

Compatible with LPRL, Order TIN/2504/2010 - SERPA, OHSAS and LOPD:

The functional cover of software is compatible with the requirements of the effective Spanish legislation in prevention of labor risks and of the standard of the System of Management of the Security and Health at work OHSAS (Occupational health and safety Assessment Series), in addition to with the requirements in protection of personal character data LOPD, having a system creating infinite accounts of user and to establish its permissions to them of controlled access, limiting the concurrence the number of licensed users.

Opened, flexible and personalizable:

The system settles with the masterful tables of printable the information and data base SQL preloaded formed by defect, being an open map and of great flexibility that allows the own user to form to its taste these tables and to personalize the design of the printable information (in Word format) in aspect and content, in the language that is desired. Between masterful tables one of them it corresponds with normative or legislative references, that are equally configurable in accordance with the country where software is used, to criterion of the users, without depending on the manufacturer of software.

Without opposite barriers nor:

Software works in network and supports to platforms of access by remote desktop software for the use through Internet from multiple delegations, or for telework from house, admitting the access of multiple concurrent users. The application allows to manage infinite companies, centers of work and workers, being integrable with applications of RRHH for automatic updates in real time or deferred, and makes possible to annex infinites external documents of all type for one complete documentary management.

Investigation, development and innovation:

We have a permanent department of I+D+I that evolves and perfects technologically and functionally software, in order to continue harnessing its high benefits.

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