Evaluation of hygienic risks

Specific evaluation, informative planning and cards

It understands the accomplishment and pursuit of the specific evaluations of industrial hygiene and planning of the preventive action, formative and informative. It is possible to emphasize the following functions:

Evaluation of exhibition to the noise. Calculation of attenuation by means of methods:

Evaluation of exhibition to the noise
  • Bands of eighth
  • HML
  • SNR

Evaluation of Illumination.

Evaluation of stress and thermal comfort by means of the methods:

Evaluation of chemical agents by inhalation
  • PMB. Average index of valuation of Fanger (ISO 7730)
  • WBGT. Index of temperature of globe and humid bulb (ISO 7243)
  • SWReq. Required perspiration index (ISO 7933)
  • WCI. Index of the cold wind (ISO 11079)
  • IREQ. Index of required isolation (ISO 11079)

Evaluation of mechanical vibrations (Value of A (8)).

Evaluation of chemical agents by inhalation (UNITES EN-689; VLA-EC/VLA-ED).

Planning and pursuit of the preventive action.

Of each realised study the evaluation information can be generated, of planning of preventive actions or revisers as well as acts of information to the worker.

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