Evaluation of ergonomic risks

Specific evaluation, informative planning and cards

It understands the accomplishment and pursuit of the specific evaluations of ergonomics and planning of the preventive action, formative and informative. It is possible to emphasize the following functions:

Evaluation of manual manipulation of loads:

Evaluation of manual manipulation of loads
  • Simple NIOSH and multitask (National for Institute Occupational Safety and Health, the USA)
  • INSHT/Ergomater (National Institute of Security and Hygiene in the Work IBV, Spain)
  • IT UNITES EN-1005-2 (Normative technique UNITES)
  • Steinberg/Windberg (Proposed by Steinberg, U. and Windberg, H.J.)
  • Snook and Ciriello (Proposed by S.H. Snook and W.B. Ciriello – Liberty Mutual)

Evaluation of repetitive movements:

Evaluation of repetitive movements
  • Index OCRA (Analítico)
  • Index Check List OCRA (Occupational Repetitive Action)
  • JSI (Job Strain Index) Index of Effort

Evaluation of manual manipulation of patients

  • MAPO (welfare Mobilization of hospitalized patients)

Evaluation of forced positions:

Evaluation of forced positions
  • OWAS (Ovako Working Analysis System)
  • RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
  • REBA (Rapid Entire Assessment Body)

Complementary ergonomic questionnaires: pregnancy, PVD, mental load, etc.

Planning and pursuit of the preventive action.

Of each realised study the evaluation information can be generated, of planning of preventive actions or revisers as well as acts of information to the worker.

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