Delivery of EPIs

Registry and control of delivery of personal protective equipment

Module that allows to manage the deliveries and returns of EPIs to the workers, either realising form deliveries determined necessary manual or consulting the EPIs in the evaluation of risks, in addition to controlling stock in the warehouses. In essence, the module allows to manage the following aspects:

Registry of delivery of EPIs
  • Definition of warehouses and control of movements of warehouse and existence.
  • Management of deliveries of EPIs to each worker and control of returns.
  • Customized act impression of delivery by worker.
  • State and listings of deliveries and returns
  • Information by worker of the EPIs that it has in use.
  • Information by EPI of the workers who are making use of the same.
  • Information of the pending EPIs of delivery to the workers according to the evaluation.

Management warehouses and of movements of input/output of EPIs

It allows to define the warehouses of EPIs indicating to what companies and centers of work supply.

It allows to register movements of input/output of EPIs in the warehouses, to regularize the existence or to establish the minimum stock of alert of existence by type of EPI.

Control and pursuit

Control of existence of EPIs

The system has forms to the conditional consultation and the impression of listings on, to take to the perfect control and pursuit of the EPIs, on the following aspects:

  • Consultation of state of deliveries and returns
  • Consultation of Executed programmed deliveries Ejecutadas/no
  • Consultation of state of a type of EPI
  • Consultation of pending deliveries to workers versus EPIS indicated in the EVR
  • Consultation of warehouse movements
  • Consultation of existence of a type of EPI

For example, the consultations and listings of the realised deliveries allow to limit global searches conditional by means of diverse filtrate parameters, as for example:

  • Company/Center of work/Worker
  • Date of delivery
  • Dates of return
  • Reason for delivery
  • Person in charge of delivery
  • Type of given EPI
  • Etc.

Customized configuration of the data base

The system has central, only and common a data base to all the technicians whom by defect an initial charge of formed data incorporates, but that is totally configurable and actualizable by the own users administrators, allowing them to form of form classified and categorisen the following aspects:

  • Types of EPIs
  • Reasons for delivery
  • Reasons for return
  • Types of warehouse movements
  • Etc.

Configuration of the impression of information

The visual aspect of the Word documents configurable, that is to say, is headed, logo, footers, type and size of letter, texts fixed of stuffed of documents, designs of page, etc. since the impression of documents leans in Word groups, equally manipulable, making possible that the documents design chords to the corporative image of the organization.

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