Emergency and self-protection

Plans failsafe and emergency and management of maneuverses

Module with the functionality necessary in emergency to undertake the elaboration of plans and evacuation of the centers of work, the management of maneuverses and the pursuit of the same. In essence, the module allows to manage the following aspects:

Plan of emergency and self-protection
  • Measures in emergency.
  • Plans in emergency and evacuation, and successive revisions.
  • Plans failsafe (RD/393/2007), and successive revisions.
  • Program of activities and periodic verification.
  • Management of maneuverses in the centers of work and impression of accomplishment information.
  • Statistical with different levels from grouping, that obtains percentage of centers of work against plans in emergency elaborated and realised maneuverses.

Measures, plans in emergency and failsafe, that the following data pick up mainly:

  • Reference
  • Person in charge of elaboration
  • Date of elaboration
  • Person in charge of revision
  • Date of revision
  • Person in charge of approval
  • Date of approval
  • Person in charge of implantation
  • General identification of the center
  • Constructive characteristics: buildings, plants, areas/fire sections, sectors…
  • Surroundings: type of surroundings, description of dangerous the adjacent and local buildings
  • Access roads: identification of the routes, outer means and accesses to the center
  • Routes of evacuation
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Material resources
  • Human resources
  • Outer help
  • Risks and situations in emergency
  • Communication/Intervention: protocols, cards of intervention and procedures
  • Plan of evacuation
  • Implantation of the plan: description of activities, regularity and people in charge
  • Formation and adjustment: formative activities, planning and adressees
  • Planes and documents Annexes

Program of activities, that allows to plan and to verify the following aspects:

  • Activities of implantation and maintenance
  • Formative and informative activities
  • Activities of grant and adjustment of average materials and resources

Management of maneuverses, that allows to pick up the following data essentially:

Management and registry of maneuverses
  • Reference
  • Date
  • Type of maneuvers
  • Level in emergency
  • Type of evacuation
  • Observers
  • Location
  • Equipment that takes part
  • Affected users
  • Objectives
  • Events
  • Incidences
  • Deficiencies
  • Improvements
  • Conclusions
  • Valuation

Pursuit and control of plans in emergency and maneuverses:

The system in emergency has forms to the conditional consultation and the impression of listings on the plans and evacuation and the registries of realised maneuverses.

The form for consultations and listings of the realised maneuverses allows to limit global searches conditional by means of diverse filtrate parameters, as for example:

Statistical intelligence collection
  • Company/Center of work
  • Activity of the center
  • Type of maneuvers
  • Level in emergency
  • Type of evacuation
  • Valuation
  • Dates of accomplishment
  • Etc.
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