Enterprise coordination

Control of contracts, requirements and registry and control of accesses

The module allows to manage the coordination of enterprise activities of the contracts, the coordination of security in the work centers, construction sites or projects of any type, as well as to manage the control and registry of accesses of the workers of the contracts.

It allows to take to a registry and general control of the subcontracted companies forming his activity, the relation of workers and inventorying the equipment and tools of work (it requires module of inventory and maintenance of equipment). In addition it allows to establish the requirements or warnings of control, newspapers or no, concerning subcontracts, of worker and inventoried equipment and to file all the documentation related to each element.

Concurrence of multiple companies

Also it is possible to define and to form the concurrence centers, construction sites either other projects with his corresponding denomination, general description, type, location, main person in charge, dates of predicted beginning and conclusion or other additional data.

It is possible to be identified in each center of concurrence, builds or project, if it comes, the tree of sub-contracting, indicating promotional, main contractors, you subcontract, independent subcontracted, as well as designers, coordinators of security and health and facultative direction. Of each concurrent organization it is possible to be defined the activities in the project, inherent risks, work parties and the relation of workers who concur in the project.

Interchange of documentation required in coordination

It allows to control the state of fulfillment of the requirements, legal obligations and of interchange of documentation between the concurrent companies, within each project, as well as the particular be in favor of worker and work parties who contribute the companies to the project, all this by average Checklist and periodic controls. Also it has mechanisms to file all the general documentation of each work or project, as well as of each one of the companies of the tree of sub-contracting of a project.

It allows to manage the control of accesses of the workers of the contracts to the work centers and to register the entrances and exits of the same.

The system allows to register the meetings that take to end, registering the dates of meeting, attending type, convoking, people, represented companies and organisms, adopted daily routine and agreements, appointing the people in charge to execute the decided actions, being able to generate meeting act forms.

Planning and registry of control visits

To a registry and control of the realised visits and slopes can be planned number visits anticipated per periods to works or projects and be taken to realise, being able to generate of each visit a visit act being indicated:

  • Date of visit
  • Number of visit
  • Technician who realises the visit
  • Relation of concurrent companies at the time of the visit
  • Works that are being realised and next works
  • List of control for control of the security of the work or project
  • Incidences being able each incidence to indicate:
    • Description and gravity
    • Existing risks
    • Measures revisers, preventive, EPIs and signaling to adopt
    • Effective norm
  • Conclusions
  • Photographies taken in the visit

It allows to take to a pursuit of the adopted solutions and the state of resolution of the incidences.

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