What is Blackhat SEO Software, And Will It Get Me Top Spot In Google?

Blackhat SEO SoftwareBlackhat SEO software is used to refer to methods considered unfair or illegitimate by search engines to promote your websites. The use of blackhat SEO software is so widespread today because a) it works (in the right hands) and b) if you’re not using it your competition probably is using it to overtake you. A lot of “blackhat SEO software” can actually be used for whitehat purposes like Scrapebox, so it all depends what you’re doing with it. The problem a lot of newbies get into is that they don’t incorporate the blackhat SEO software into a wider strategy, and end up spamming the Internet with 10 million blog comments or profile links. Of course this kind of activity is going to get your website flagged on anti-spam tools like Akismet, and Google can identify obvious blackhat SEO software footprints, which can get your site penalised or even deindexed. Also a lot of webmasters have wised up to these tools so you have to be clever how you use them to avoid any negative impact to your website.

What’s the best way to use Blackhat SEO Software?

The first thing is to be careful when pointing tons of backlinks directly to your money site if it is relatively new i.e. less than 3 months old. If you don’t have any existing backlinks and no trust from the search engines then all of a sudden they start flooding in, this unnatural growth is one surefire way to get your site deindexed fast. A better way is to use ‘buffer sites’ like web2.0 properties that funnel the backlinks back to your money site, so these are your tier 1 links and you point the tier 2 backlinks from blackhat SEO software to these. This also means if Akismet flags the backlinks as spam your main money site is not affected, only the tier1 websites. One disadvantage to this approach is if your web properties are not self hosted they can get taken down by providers like WordPress and Xanga, if they think you are using it purely for SEO purposes, and if this happens you just lost all your backlinks. The trick is to host these tier 1 websites yourself (on a diverse range of IPs if possible) so you are in control, and you can build up the PR over time so you have a valuable network of private blogs that you can use to rank new sites quickly. This takes a bit more work to setup but gives you greater benefits in the long run.

Once your site has an established and diverse backlink profile and more trust with the search engines (typically after a year), then you can be more relaxed with using blackhat SEO software to point backlinks directly at your money site for a boost.

What Should I Consider When Buying Blackhat SEO Software?

The same principles apply when buying any software of course, make sure it is well supported and maintained to keep in touch with the changing SEO landscape. This is a frequent problem for blackhatters, for example SENuke which started out as a great tool but the success rate fell due to the number of users targeting the same sites, and it wasn’t updated regularly enough to keep it effective. Another tip to better success with blackhat SEO software is to choose one that you can customize, so that you are not following the manual out of the box word for word along with everyone else, as that becomes an obvious footprint which the search engines adapt to and then make that tool less effective for everyone.

Magic Submitter is one of the best blackhat SEO software tools as it allows you to submit to a wide range of places, which is great for link diversity. As of 2011 the following submissions are supported:

  • Article Directories – Qty: 53
  • Web 2.0 Blogs- Qty: 36
  • Bookmarking Services – Qty: 47
  • Press Release Sites – Qty: 18
  • Video Submission Sites- Qty: 121
  • Pdf Sharing Sites – Qty: 8
  • WordPress Blogs – Qty: 69
  • Statusnet Micro Blogs- Qty: 74
  • Rss Services- Qty: 16
  • Profile Links – Qty: 550
  • Micro Blogs – Qty:6

We also recommend Magic Submitter as the best blackhat SEO software available today because it is frequently updated (over 30 times since mid-2010!) and has a learning feature so you can customize the tool to post to your own sites, thereby creating a unique footprint that’s harder for the search engines to spot. The recurring subscription is $67/month which puts some people off, but if you’ve spent sometime in SEO you know that software released as a one time cost is often poorly maintained and goes in the bin several months later (Scrapebox is one exception to this rule and is definitely worth looking into). With a monthly subscription you know the developer will have sufficient time and resources to keep updating it, and Magic Submitter is a great example of this. It’s also about half the price of its’ nearest competitor SENukeX, and if you’re serious about SEO you can realise the power of this tool and make this back in no time.

Any Other Useful Blackhat SEO Software Recommendations?

At the higher end of blackhat SEO software you have tools like XRumer which automates forum posting at an insane rate of up to 1000 backlinks a minute (with the right setup), but you probably don’t need something this powerful until you have a few dozen sites up and running. It’s also quite tricky to setup and resource intensive so if you don’t want the hassle of setting up your own server and playing around with the software for day, looking for lists etc, the next best thing is an XRumer service like Mega Link Blaster, where you just put in your keywords and URLs and you can get 45,000 backlinks a month on autopilot! For $77/month you won’t find anything else like this on the market, but we suggest you do your own research and come back when you’re ready.

Hopefully this has been a helpful primer, and now you’re all set to start dominating the search engines using the best blackhat SEO software tools and tactics!

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