Technological architecture

Prevengos is a aplicativo client/server developed in surroundings Windows, with VB6 and VB.Net, a module in surroundings Web, with ASP.Net, for the access of the company, clients, workers and contractors.

The system counts among others on the following characteristics:

  • It can be installed in own servers of the client or to lodge in hosting external.
  • The data base SQL runs on the system of management Microsoft SQL Server.
  • All the information centralizes in the servers facilitating backup copies.
  • It entails the existence of a backpack or key security hardware to locate in the servant, another equipment or a servant of USB ports of same subred.
  • It supports to the virtualization of the servers requiring the accessibility to the USB port of the security key.
  • It supports to platforms of access by remote desktop software or terminal server, for the use from external connections through Internet/VPN, as CITRIX or Services Terminal.
  • The installation of limitless jobs for the use of software in network is allowed.
  • It admits the access of multiple concurrent users in network, limited the number of licensed users.
  • The aplicativo makes possible the creation of limitless companies or clients, centers of work and workers.
  • The data base contains of beginning preloaded, configurable and expandable information by the users.
  • Integra with Word/Excel in the impression processes being itself flexible in the design of the information.
  • The personalisation of information is realised by the own user without depending on the manufacturer of software.
  • Adapted to the effective Spanish norm in protection of personal character data LOPD.
  • The servers and communications will have to dimensionarse/escalar chords to the number of concurrent users, to the volume of stored data and traffic of data.
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