Accidents and incidents

Investigation of accidents or incidents and indices of sinisterness

It is a module that allow the investigation of accidents or incidents happened in the work centers, with possibility of issuing complete or partial information, listings and to take to a periodic pursuit by means of graphical statistic analyses and the calculation of sinisterness indices. Their main functions are:

Investigation of labor accidents
  • Investigation and control of accidents.
  • Registry and control of incidents.
  • Control of companies, centers and workers who suffer accidents.
  • Registry of discharges and medical statements of release from duty.
  • Customized impression in Word of the investigation information.
  • Impression in Excel of statistical information conditional.
  • Calculation of sinisterness indices:
    Calculation of risk indices
    • Index of annual frequency of accidents with loss
    • Index of general annual frequency
    • Index of monthly frequency of accidents with loss
    • Index of accumulated monthly frequency of accidents with loss
    • Index of annual gravity
    • Index of annual incidence of accidents with loss
    • Index of annual incidence of accidents without loss
    • Average duration of accidents with loss
  • Finders, diverse tools of consultation and listings.
Statistical information of the accidents

The system of investigation of accidents or incidents is based on the model DELTA, allowing to identify the company, center of work and worker who suffers the accident, carried out job, category, antiquity in the same, contract type, EPIs used, material place of the event, date, hour, turn, agents and way or risk that the accident brought about, detailed description of the work and tasks that were being realised, declaration of witnesses, degree of injury, medical care, nature and zone of the injuries, causes, evaluation of the potential risk, preventive measures and revisers to adopt, derived costs. The report allows to consider final conclusions, to establish the signature of the technician who realises the investigation, and to annex documentation or photographies taken from the accident.

The drop-down lists of values that complete the investigation are codified according to the model DELTA with the freedom of power to be altered and to be codified by the own user to their criterion.

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